Industrial Park Markovo is located in the Plovdiv region, on the ring road of the city of Plovdiv, 14 km from the Trakia Highway, 10 km from Plovdiv Airport and 5 km from Plovdiv Customs and 10 km from intermodal terminal.


Sofia Airport - 130 km
Port Ambarli, Istanbul, Turkey - 440 km
Port of Thessaloniki, Greece - 420 km
Port of Burgas - 260 km
Port of Varna - 385 km
Port of Ruse - 280 km

Plovdiv region is recognized as a leading destination for industrial investments. The city and the region have a strong potential to maintain rapid and sustainable economic growth. The development of the region is not only due to the demographic realities of the second most important city in Bulgaria but also the expected change in the economic profile and the investment image of Plovdiv, from destination for "outsourcing" labor-intensive processes to an investment destination for industrial-innovative activities. Industrial projects can be secured with a highly skilled workforce. The population of Plovdiv is 367,000 people, and of Plovdiv Region - 680,000 people.

Pan-European transport corridors crossing Region Plovdiv Corridor IV Corridor VIII Corridor X


About Bulgaria

Located on the Balkan Peninsula, Bulgaria occupies a strategic geographical position between Europe and Asia. A member of the EU since 2007, the country marks steady GDP growth, low inflation and stable macroeconomic environment. The largest foreign investments come from EU members and flow into three main sectors: real estate, finance and industry. Bulgaria’s population is 7.4 million and is highly urbanized with 73% living in urban areas.

Why Bulgaria is your investment destination?

  • The local currency, the Bulgarian lev is pegged to the euro since 1997
  • One of the lowest government debts in the European Union
  • One of the lowest budget deficits in the European Union


  • Low tax rates
  • Competitive labor costs
  • Well-educated and highly skilled workforce

Located at the heart of the Balkans, Bulgaria is a strategic logistics hub. Ease of transportation is provided by five Pan-European corridors (IV, VII, VIII, IX, X), which pass through Bulgaria. The country has four major airports, many sea and river ports.