The single-story building is distinctive by its exclusive space and a clear height of 4.34 meters. It combines aesthetics and functionality. For the realization of the modern interior and exterior are selected high quality materials and modern architectural solutions to turn this exclusive area into a representative showroom that will add value to your brand. Easy access to the premise is realized through the newly built deceleration lane of the Ring road. For the convenience of customers next to the showroom are provided 25 parking spaces.

Location: Facing the Ring Road of Plovdiv


Leasable area: 567 sq.m
Parking spaces: 25


The total leasable area can be divided into three detached premises. Access to them is provided through three separate entrances and exits.

Showroom 1
Leasable area 159 sq.m

Showroom 2
Leasable area 243 sq.m

Showroom 3
Leasable area 165 sq.m



In terms of construction, the building has a steel frame support structure. At elevation ± 0.00 there is a reinforced concrete pavement, and at elevation + 4.33 / + 478 – a metal roof frame, on which a sloping roof of thermal panels is built. The enclosing external walls and internal partition walls consist of thermal panels with a thickness of 10 cm, layered installation with a thickness of 13 cm, and pillar plasterboard walls with a thickness of 12 cm and 15 cm. The plan includes a wall reinforcement cladding on all surrounding external walls and steel frame elements. The facades are made of thermal panels of different colors, as well as with powder-coated metal cladding with PVC coating. The roof represents a metal slope with thermal panels having all the necessary layers for its proper functioning. Complete thermal insulation is provided. The modern exterior of the building is complemented by an openwork fence, designed to be made with a height of 2.20 m, and a reinforced concrete plinth with a height of 60 cm. The main entrance is made by car entrance/exit from the north side to the parking of the property.